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If you are looking for a position as an airline pilot, look no further.

We provide pilot CV reviews and a professional airline pilot CV writing service.

REMEMBER: A pilot CV with spelling and grammatical errors will not be taken lightly or forgiven by any recruiter. Airlines when recruiting for pilots are looking for your attention to detail! Your CV reveals what and who you are in terms of your personality and capability. If English is not your first language, we would suggest you send your CV to us for a review.

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The objective of your CV should be independent of vessel type, and you should focus on career experience, licensing, safety record and your work history.

As with CVs, a clear, concise business style CV is essential to getting you shortlisted. A poorly worded CV will go straight into the bin.

A cover letter is just as important. Writing a good cover letter is not an easy task especially when English is not your first language so we are here to help.


Airline pilot CV formats

International airline pilots would require aircraft licence and associated flying hours. Please remember to state details of your license and hours logged on the first page of your CV. You should also state your university degree or experience in the aviation field. We recommend that when planning your CV, ensure you emphasise on safety and health checks and the training you have undertaken. If you have had incidents, you should explain what happened as your recruiters will verify this information. If you received any extra safety or advanced flight training, this is a bonus and you should include this on your CV too! You should also be clear if you have permissions to live and work in the country for the airline that you are applying to. Middle Eastern airlines, the likes of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar would accept pilots from across the world. Look at the advertisement, and ensure you are allowed to apply.

Image courtesy of Etihad Airways

Image courtesy of Etihad Airways


Do not use templated or sample CVs that you find on Google. Airlines receive thousands of CVs from many qualified applicants and you want to stand out from the crowd.

Image courtesy of Emirates Airline

Image courtesy of Emirates Airline

our professional cv review & writing service & cover letter

We provide a professional CV writing service to ensure your pilot CV Resume has all your transferable skills and achievements in a succinct manner that would attract the attention of the recruiters. Once you order our service, you send us your CV, we review and send you a questionnaire after performing a gap analysis. We will then re-word and summarise what you tell us into a professional format using words that recruiters want to see, and present it into a professional aviation format.

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