Privacy Policy

Your personal data and privacy is important to us. In this Policy, we make it clear when and how we collect personal information and explain how we handle it. We are committed to safeguarding your personal data and protecting your privacy. If you wish to have your data erased, please contact us at

We, Studio Images UK, provide international photo editing, CV writing service and interview training for all individuals around the world. We are the primary data controller of your personal data.

Personal Data and what we do with it, how it is processed and how long for.

Identity Data, which includes your title, first name, last name, maiden name, date of birth, gender, photograph, nationality and other information.

Historical Data, which includes educational history and credentials, employment history, skills and qualifications.

The above data is sourced from the CV or questionnaire that you complete when undertaking our CV writing service and/or submitting such information to us.

We also collect information including personal data from you when you interact with us via telephone, email or through our website.

The personal data is collected for the sole purpose of working with you on your new CV and editing your photographs, and also when answering questions that you ask.

We will only use your personal data to pursue CV writing, photo editing and interview training.

We have no responsibility or obligation to update your personal data after the CV writing service is completed.

We do not share your personal data with any third parties unless required by law to do so for investigation by government authorities or regulatory agencies.

We will not transfer your personal data outside the EEA.

We hold your personal data in a secure encrypted hard drive which is protected from unauthorised access, unauthorised processing and accidental loss. User names and passwords are regularly changed to ensure the security of your data and safeguard your personal data.

We will notify you of any suspected personal data breach.

We will only retain your personal data for up to 6 months after our completion of the job. After such time, your data including emails will be removed from our live systems and permanently deleted other than basic contact information. You also have the right to inform us if you wish for your data to be erased completely from our system known as “right to be forgotten”.

You have the right to withdraw at any time, any implied consent given to us to handle and process your personal data.

For digital images sent to us by clients for the purpose of photo editing, the same applies. The images are kept securely in our encrypted hard drive to prevent unauthorised access, unauthorised processing and accidental loss. After 6 months from the end of our transaction with you, the images will be permanently deleted from our live systems. If you have given consent for your photographs to be used for our marketing and publicity purposes, the pictures will be used at our discretion for the sole purpose of promoting our business and your consent will be retained by us.

We are also the photographers to many of the images shown on our website and the copyright to the photographs are owned by Studio Images UK under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The models have all signed a Model Release permitting use for our marketing and publicity. Any unauthorised use by third parties without our permission will constitute a violation of the copyright laws and we will seek legal damages for infringement of rights.