Three CV questions that I often get asked

Should I include a picture?

This is becoming an increasingly important discussion in the recruitment world — should CVs include pictures? With access to social media profiles, some argue that putting a picture on your CV doesn’t make much difference. Others argue that it could lead to discrimination. It’s ultimately your choice, but common practice is to not include a picture.

If you do decide to attach a picture of yourself, make sure it’s a professional one — perhaps a professional headshot or LinkedIn photo. Snapchat selfies aren’t going to make the best impression.

Should I use bullet points or paragraphs?

Bullet points can help to divide the layout of your CV and make it look clearer, especially in the Experience and Education sections. They can also draw attention to certain skills and key points. Paragraphs work better for your personal profile, but if you’re being creative with the style, you might play around with this format.

It’s up to you, but bullet points can help to prevent your CV from being one big block of text.

How long should my CV be?

Your CV should be no longer than one or two A4 pages. Recruiters aren’t likely to have the time to read five pages, no matter how talented you are. A 1 page CV is far too brief to get an impression of you so it lands itself in the recruiter's waste bin.

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