What do cabin crew recruiters look for in your CV?

It is so important to highlight your personal qualities with examples so that you can show the recruiter that you have the transferable skills that fit easily into the cabin crew role.  Highlighting these will get you shortlisted for the assessment day, and make it to the final interview too!  Here is the list of personality and qualities they are hoping you would have to be shortlisted.  Don't just list them, they want to see evidence of it!  









- ability to work as a team
- good personal organisation
- good planning skills
- desire to treat everyone equally
- ability to work under pressure
- being alert, noticing things
- flexibility and patience
- professionalism

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Physical qualities

- Excellent health
- Stamina
- Height
- Clarity of speech
- Highly fluent in English
- Good vision and hearing

Send us your CV today, and for just GBP£35 we can help you.   

Why are interpersonal and communication skills so important for cabin crew?

Fight and cabin crew are subject to stringent aviation regulations.  The job of a flight attendant today revolves around safety to a much greater extent than other forms of transport.  In an emergency situation, cabin crew play an important role in communication, leadership, problem solving and decision making.  Aviation authorities around the world introduced requirements for standard phrases and a greater emphasis on English as a common working language. More emphasis is now focussed on pre-flight meetings, and aside from giving crew specific flight information, they also have to answer safety related questions and to make sure they are aware of specific situations that can arise with respect to their designated stations they have been assigned to.

In coming back to your transferable skills, please highlight the above qualities that you can back-up with strong real life situations.  We have helped many of our clients with these attributes, and are proud to say we have a high number of passes at first attempt for Emirates, Qatar and Etihad.  If you know what they are looking for, it is not difficult for you to get the offer.