What makes a good CV?

Over the years of reviewing candidates' CVs for cabin crew positions, the ones who applied on their own compared to those who came to us for professional advice, we now have these useful tips for you.  These are the shortcomings of those who failed to even get to the Assessment Day.

  1. In the Education section, grades are not mentioned.
  2. Irrelevant skills are mentioned. Skills not related to the cabin crew role.
  3. Only job roles are listed, no mention of work experience.
  4. Routine jobs are mentioned such as cleaning the tables, taking guests to their tables.  These are routine tasks and will not make you stand out from your peers as there is nothing at all interesting about this.  
  5. Work experience not mentioned.
  6. No mention of working well within a team-based culture.
  7. No mention on skills attained on effective communication amongst staff members.
  8. Language skills not mentioned.
  9. Poor spelling and grammar and overall bad layout / format.
  10. CV only a page long and information is too brief.  Length not right.
  11. Skills not tailored to cabin crew role.
  12. No dates of employment and inconsistencies / gaps unexplained.
  13. No accomplishments.
  14. Font size too small and they don't like the font used.  

We offer help and assistance with getting the right presentation across so you will stand a good chance of being invited for the assessment day.  Get in touch with us today, and give yourself a good head start to your dream career.