Pay careful attention to your application photos. First impressions count!

Ensure your application photos for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar are professionally edited to a white backdrop and there are no poor edges or that you are floating in the sky.

Edited pictures should reduce the shadows on your face and background, and overall improve clarity. Your eyes should have that magical sparkle to ensure it catches the eyes of your recruiters.

Alyana came to us and asked us to edit her pictures in time for her final interview with Emirates. We show you her before and after pictures.

The first two pictures were sent to us by email. We edited, resized to Emirates dimensions and returned the next two pictures to her. Within days from submission, she received her golden call!

Do remember to resize your pictures to the Emirates required dimensions before uploading. Using some of the free services on google often compress your images meaning losing quality. We do not use any form of image compression when reducing dimensions, the quality is excellent regardless of the image size.

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