Keep your CV simple and relevant to each job!

- Tailor your CV to a specific cabin crew role for that airline. Do not send the same CV to say all three airlines that you may be applying for.

- Keep it simple and easy to read. Always use active language.

- We recommend two full A4 pages with a personal statement (mini profile) in the first half page.

- Always include vital information. Your personal details to include name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, height and proficiency of languages spoken and written.  Do not attach a photo  on your CV.

- Your professional achievements - always provide evidence of how your targets were exceeded and ideas created but always be honest. Don't list procedures. A CV is not a training guide!

- Check and re-check - avoid sloppy errors, and ask a friend or a professional to review the CV.  But never ask a competitor who is also a cabin crew wannabe!  Or worse still, ask on a FB group!

Finally, always keep your CV up to date.  So if you intend to apply for Emirates when they start recruiting again next year, ensure you have your CV ready now.  If your CV is up-to-date you can also easily fill in their online applications because you have the information on hand.



Candidates get rejected for the following reasons: spelling mistakes, no list of skills, crowded CV with no white space, more than 2 pages long, too many keywords from the job posting.