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What should you highlight on your CV that will attract the attention of the recruiters?

What does an airline look for when looking at your CV? We provide you with useful tips, step by step….. read it here

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What is Dubai like? For those new to this global city of east meets west, take a look at the city, the lifestyle, culture, food and living.

Dubai, the east meets west city that is centrally located around the world and it is no more than 8 hours to 75% of the world’s most popular cities.

Visit the Dubai museum, take a citytrip, take a boat trip to enjoy the Dubai skyline, shop at one of the malls, visit the most relaxing beaches or go on an adventure in the desert. We show you the culture, lifestyle, food, shopping, museum and history.

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Many airlines now use personality tests at the recruitment stage. Do you stand a chance?

Many airlines use personality tests to filter out candidates that are not team fit or suitable. We show you how you can get around these personality tests.

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The importance of the Cabin Crew CV Drop Off Day

The CV drop off day for Emirates and Qatar is a very important day. The very first decision to hire is made in a few minutes purely based on first impressions and personality.

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Attend the Emirates CV Drop off Open Day or Apply online?

We provide information on Emirates recruitment criteria and whether you are better off applying online or attending the Open Day in person.

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