How to prepare an outstanding cabin crew CV resume

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If you have made your decision to be a cabin crew, then learn how to prepare an outstanding cabin crew CV to impress the cabin crew recruiters. Where you need to also complete an online application form plus a CV, please ensure you get both reviewed by us before submission.  Your CV is your key marketing document, it really has to stand out from the competition.

CV Requirements for Cabin Crew

Always update your CV and tailor it to the airline requirements. If you are applying for an Emirates cabin crew position, do not use the same CV as that sent for a Qatar or Virgin Australia cabin crew position.  Read their key requirements on the job specification and then tailor your skills and professional experience to match that.  Always include what is relevant and to restrict your CV resume to no more than two pages.  Do not use a one page CV as it gets too busy and becomes difficult to read.  Always use standard business fonts such as Helvetica or Times New Roman.  Check for spelling and grammatical errors as recruiters have no tolerance for CV resume errors cause by these errors including poor formatting.  

Highlight your transferable skills

Remember to list your transferable skills for the cabin crew role that you are applying to.  You may be tempted to list all your skills and responsibilities  gained in your former firm but don't!  Your cabin crew recruiter receives hundreds of CVs every week and only has limited time to review CVs.  Keep it brief, relevant and highlight your transferable skills is key to success and getting that all important invitation to the assessment day and/ or interview.

Personal Statement in addition to your CV resume

Including a personal statement in the top half of your CV is highly recommended as it makes you stand out from others.  Remember to give examples that backs up the core skills that the recruiter are looking for.  So don't just list the skills such as I have good communication skills, work well in a team, strong attitude to work and can work under time pressure.  You need to provide good examples to make you stand out and get selected for the next stage.  Emphasise the personal statement on your achievements and strengths and never a list of duties that you perform in your jobs.  The CV is not a training procedure document.  It is a marketing document, like a marketing brochure for you to get noticed.

Finally, send your CV to us for a professional review before you submit it online or attend the recruitment event / open day.  We will inform you if you miss anything important and provide recommendations for you.  Finally, we work with you to re-write your CV which will get you to that all important assessment day and final interview.  Contact us soon if you are planning on updating your CV.


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