Emirates Cabin Crew Video Interview Questions - Prepare well!

Those of you planning to apply as cabin crew with Emirates Airline will be well aware that as part of your application, you will be required to complete a digital video interview.

The Emirates Group Careers website provides application tips such as you must be determined to always perform well. You have the ability to manage a pretty demanding work schedule.  They would expect you to be culturally aware and reflect who Emirates are – professional, empathetic, progressive, visionary and cosmopolitan. These are the characteristics they look for when you meet them at the assessment day, so prepare to demonstrate these qualities with strong examples that will put you ahead of your competition.

When preparing for the Digital Video Interview, think of these qualities, and be prepared to discuss these in relation to your own situation and experience.  The key to successful digital video interview is to practice beforehand so you feel confident with the process.  Bear in mind that a digital video interview carries as much weight as an interview conducted in person, so get well prepared. DO NOT take the interview unless you are well prepared just as you do with your college examinations.

Here are some of the video interview questions asked.  They all fit into 3 categories, Personality, Behavioural Team player questions and Customer Service.  The HireVue software will randomly select one question from each of these three categories.  Preparation of your answers to all these questions, and practising them is your only key to success.  If you aim to pass, NEVER take the digital video interview with little or no preparation.

Finding out more about you, your values, responsibility, diversity, tolerance, caring, trustworthy, social, honesty and integrity.  Overall, they are looking at your communication skills and assessing whether your interpersonal / people skills represent a good fit for Emirates.

1.  What is an ideal weekend for you?
2. What does the perfect day look like to you?
3. Tell us why you will be a good fit for the cabin crew role?
4. What was your best holiday?
5.  What do you know about life in Dubai?
6.  What do you expect from living in Dubai?
7.  How will Dubai compliment your lifestyle?
8.  Tell us about your hometown
9.  What are the best places to visit in your country?
10. What is your favourite tradition in your country?
11.  How would your describe your personality?
12.  How would you describe the role of a cabin crew?

Answer the questions about yourself in a sincere way and be genuine.  Honesty is the best policy.  The HireVue software can pick up if you are insincere and will score the content of your answers alongside your body language.  The communication skills you need to show are confidence, empathy, friendliness (easy to talk to and approachable), non-verbal communication (HireVue will look at body language and establish if you are stressed, insincere, uncomfortable or nervous).  Remember to be clear and concise in your responses, maintain eye contact, and use a firm but friendly tone.  Do not sound arrogant or aggressive.

Behavioural interview Questions: Finding out your interaction with colleagues and if you are a good team player.  Negative situations could easily arise on board, they need you to be professional and show respect and empathy.

1.  How would your colleagues and supervisor describe you?
2.  What do you do if someone disagrees with you at work?
3.  What do you do if you disagree with someone at work ?
4.  Have you made a mistake?
5.  What challenges do you expect?
6.  Describe a stressful situation at work?
7.  Have you handled a difficult situation with your supervisor?

Take your time.  Prepare and use the 30 seconds to jot down brief points and plan your answer.  Follow the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Results) technique.  Always be positive and don't over focus on the negative.  Shift to describe how you solved the problem and get positive results.  Another tip here - for people with whom you disagree, it is important to show you understand and respect their views and opinions - this is showing empathy and are able to continue productive conversations.

Customer Service:

1.  What makes you good in customer service experience?
2.  What do you expect from the role?
3.  What is good customer service?
4.  What is the best customer experience you have received?
5.  Why are you passionate about customer service?
6.  What does hospitality mean to you?

Always refer to examples from your previous work experience and discuss them.

We offer one-on-one coaching for the Emirates video interview sessions.  At this session, we discuss the best answers based on your own skills and experience.  We coach you on a proper strategy for answering these questions to get a high score and assess your body langauage.  If you wish to take-up the offer (GBP£20), please email us using the button below.  This offer is available to all Emirates wannabes anywhere in the world.



- Prepare well
- Plan before answering
- Always provide good examples to the questions asked.

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