How should you answer when your recruiter asks, "What's the one big mistake you have made?"

In any cabin crew recruitment interview or at a digital video interview, we are all aware that we should discuss our skills and strengths.  We often forget that nearly every interviewer also asks you about your weaknesses too!  All they really care about is they are after strong performers in the cabin crew role, and you do not display any weakness that could jeopardise that position or their reputation.  

A recent Emirates digital video interview question is "Tell me about the time when you made a mistake?"  Now, how do you answer this question without ruining your opportunities of getting an invitation to the assessment day.  Or, if this same question gets asked at your final interview, one wrong answer here will mean you're out.

Now, here's my advice.  Remember the golden rule not to share anything that reflects badly on you.  Your response can worry recruiters if you talk about a mistake that they are trying to avoid at all costs.

Talking about your weakness is always a tricky affair but there is an intelligent way to respond to such questions.

It is always preferred that you raise a weakness that is not central to the success of the cabin crew role or one that would affect the company's reputation.  When discussing your mistake or weakness, show how it affected you but at the same time encouraged you to be a better worker because of it.  Discuss the key points of the weakness and focus on what you have done to resolve it, and that it is no longer an issue. This shows you are positive, confident and have taken the initiative to resolve it so that it does not happen again.  

Avoid saying anything like "I am a perfectionist", I work exceptionally well under pressure" or "I am a workaholic", these are all red flags as the recruiters know too well they are the biggest lies.  People who say this are extremely "full of themselves" and cabin crew recruiters are out to avoid hiring people of this nature.  They will not fit in to customer services or team working.

Don't try to answer this question by saying you never make any mistakes or have no weaknesses.  Please do not live in denial.  We are all not perfect and the recruiter knows that too!  The recruiter wants to hear that you are honest and are able to talk openly about a mistake but more importantly have taken steps to address it so that it is no longer an issue.  It is all part of good self awareness, self development and even career development.  

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Prepare well for a question that asks you to talk about your mistakes or weaknesses.  Then practise your answer.  Getting through interviews require the right technique.