How to pass the Emirates and Qatar Cabin Crew Final Interviews and be selected for your dream job

Each year, thousands of hopefuls apply for cabin crew roles with the 5 star airlines.  It truly is one of the most sought after jobs in the world.  The final interview is the biggest hurdle to get through, yet more than two thirds who make it through assessment day to the final interview do not make the offer. To fully understand the secrets of getting through the final interview, let us break this down into several factors.  Let us establish what the recruiters are looking for at the final interview.

How does Emirates and Qatar select their candidates?  The recruiters main objective is to choose individuals who will help create lasting memories for their passengers.  Individuals who come across with kindness, caring, articulate, and interpersonal skills are what they look for.  They are looking for candidates to display their strong background in caring for customers. The best way for candidates to do this is to have some good examples showing their exemplary customer services skills.  Prepare in advance, write down a couple of points, then rehearse in front of the mirror to ensure you come across positively and confidently.  

Being a cabin crew in a 5 star airline is all about delivering consistent top quality customer service.  The recruiters need to show that you absolutely love customer service, and are willing to go above and beyond customers' expectations.  They are also looking for candidates who can think quickly, work well, and fit-into multi-cultural teams.  Working as crew can be far worse than working on ground shifts as you have the added fatigue across time zones, and they want to know you are adaptable and able to fit-in to a totally different working style.  Prepare to discuss your adaptability in your current roles with strong examples.  

They also want to know that no matter how busy you are, you put the customer at the heart of everything you do.  You are also not afraid of hard work, you can show this through your personality, energy, good examples and enthusiasm.  Finally, my advice is to remain calm and smile, it works and does get you your dream job!  Believe me, the recruiters want everyone who attend the final interview to succeed but they must also find the best people that meet their criteria to continue to win the top airline annual awards.  

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Prepare well for the final interview.  No preparation is a recipe for disaster.

Prepare well for the final interview.  No preparation is a recipe for disaster.