Is your CV good enough at the Qatar or Emirates Open Day to attract the recruiters

At the Open Day, your CV really has to be in the Top 10% to stand a chance. This means if there are 400 people attending at the hotel venue, your CV really has to be in that Top 40. Read on, and we will show how you will need to address the pitfalls.

Over the last few weeks, I provided a complimentary review of CVs for those in this FB Group. Some of my findings across the full set reviewed may be of interest to all here:

The work experience sections were extremely brief and not emphasised at all by the applicants. Please do remember that the work experience is considered the most important part when writing your CV or resume. This is the section that makes you different form the competition, the other three hundred in the queue with you on the open day. The more relevant transferable skills you show, then you are more likely to attract the recruiters' attention.

Only a few CVs matched the skills required by Qatar to their day to day skills, with short examples. These CVs truly stand out but they constitute less than 10% of all CVs sent to me. You now know why at the Open Day so many get sent home.

Incomplete educational details - This is a common problem and all I ask is that you include the necessary examinations or degrees you have been awarded and the grades where relevant.

The career objective is often missing or the reasons given do not really attract the recruiter's attention.

And finally, half of the CVs reviewed had grammatical and spelling errors which itself would lead to early rejection.

Just worth a mention that we can help by providing a full professional CV write-up. For those keen on this professional service, please send your CV to

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Is your CV good enough to attract the attention of the recruiters at the Open Day?