How to present yourself at the Emirates or Qatar Open Day and have the right pictures

You need to submit these pictures in total. 

Emirates & Qatar: 1 full length formal photo and 1 identical passport sized photo

Emirates only: 2 smart/sophisticated photos. - these are casual photos.

Formal Pictures
For the application pictures you literally have to make yourself look like Emirates or Qatar Cabin Crew without actually wearing the uniform. Both Emirates and Qatar are quite specific with what they want you to wear in the pictures so make sure you follow these guidelines down to a tee.

Knee length skirt
High heels (closed toed / no ankle straps)
Skin colour stockings
No neck scarves, no jewellery
No glasses, no colour contact lenses
No watches
Closed fitted jacket


Closed jacket
Suit, shirt and tie
No piercings visible
No glasses
No colour contact lenses
No watches

For females, you have to style yourself as an Emirates or Qatar Crew Member.

They want your hair in a bun for the photograph and also at the Open Day. Please wear your bun low so that the hat can sit on your head without being knocked out the way by your hair. Whether you choose to pull your hair all back or place it in a parting is completely up to you. Your hair must be slick and please ensure no hairs are out of place. Secure your fringe with hairspray/pins whatever you feel is best.

If you have hair that is shorter than your collar bone, make sure it is neatly styled (ie: Straightened) and clipped back away from your face. This is the only exception where you can have your hair down, if it physically cannot go back into a bun.

Additionally, if you dye/colour your hair make sure you don’t have roots showing or  an obvious difference in colour. If you can’t get to a salon etc, use some root touch up products to help mask the colour difference, but be aware this is something you’ll have to rectify when in Dubai. There must not be an obvious colour difference between the top of your head and your bun. For example, make sure you can conceal the colour difference within the bun.

Next onto the make up. A good coverage is required for work so get a good foundation to cover your face. Blush is recommended but not required. Mascara is a must and with this you can wear both or either eyeliner/eyeshadow. Eyeshadow colours must be neutral. For Emirates, trainers tell recruits to “think Costa coffee” so a nice selection of browns are acceptable. You can add a little sparkle into your eyeshadow. Eyeliner can be worn both on the top and bottom of your lid. Bronzer and highlight are always a good thing, it brings out the best in your face and adds to that all important smile. And most of all, the red lipstick. Find a colour that is true to your skin tone. Emirates recommends Ruby Woo by Mac and shade 1 in the Sephora Lip Stain.

For males, grooming must be impeccable and you HAVE to be clean shaven. You cannot have a beard at work, so please prepare for daily shaving.

Tips for this as posted by the recruitment team are:

  • BIG happy smile (I cannot stress this enough)

  • Full length (the top of your head & your shoes must be visible)

  • Hands straight by side with both legs together. Stand up straight.

  • You must be directly facing the camera

  • Photo cannot be altered / photo shopped

  • Good lighting – no shadows

  • Sharp and in focus

Emirates only: Smart And Sophisticated Photos
Next up are your smart and sophisticated photos. These are to show what you look like more “naturally”. You will need 1x full length (standing, photo from head to toe) and 1x close up (standing, photo from head to waist) casual photos. Your attire and surroundings should be conservative and reflect your professional image. You must be standing up, straight, facing the camera, hands flat by your side with you hair behind the ears and shoulders.

For this image I would straighten/curl hair and then tuck behind the ears so you can show your face off better. Ensure your make up is nice and neat, how you would do yours everyday. Red lipstick is NOT needed here, so remove this, they want to see you with and without this. Remember this picture is to only contain you. No group shots that you’ve taken from Facebook. Take this picture specifically for Emirates.

If you need help with editing pictures taken on your camera phone, our picture editing service for Emirates and Qatar is just GBP£10 per image (4 day turnaround) or GBP£20 (24 hour rush). It is available internationally. Order here.

Our clients below came to us for picture editing, Mark is now flying with Qatar in Doha and Alex is now flying with Emirates in Dubai.