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“Reach test” and "Height requirement" will be next on the recruiters agenda. In this round you need to reach 212cm, there will be a red line on the wall with the exact height (212cm) and if you can’t reach by touching the line (in tip toes) you are eliminated after this round.

Next comes the height test where you need to reach a minimum 160cm. If you don't, you get eliminated.


Next, the recruiter asks if you have any visible tattoos or visible scars/marks. If you have any visible tattoos please don’t even apply, they are very strict and you will be disqualified immediately. Scars would require disclosure and if they are not deemed significant, you are fine.


You will sit in a group with a sheet of paper with a scenario given to you. In this scenario, it's an overbooking and it tests
- prioritisation, 
- interpersonal, listening, speaking and influential skills, 
- customer first always, service recovery, empathetic skills.
- team interaction and motivation, working as one team.
- customer satisfaction and retention.

This is only an example and you could be given something else but whatever scenario you are given, it will be to test those bullet points above.

”You are the manager of a Hotel, there are 8 guests (e.g social influencer, business man, valued customer etc) that already have a reservation but due to a system reservations error only 2 rooms are available, so the group will discuss and vote which 2 guests are selected to stay.” The exercise takes 15minutes to complete.


This is a group activity but you need to provide opinions so please do not be overly quiet but at the same time do not be over-powering and try to take over. Don’t interrupt when others are speaking. If you like a suggestion say it but after she/he is finished like “That’s a great idea..” or “Yes, I do really think it is good because..” There are no right or wrong answers! The recruiter just wants to find out about your team interaction, not create team conflicts, listening skills, discuss relevant points and have good influential skills.

After this exercise the recruiter may play the role of one of the customers. The recruiter may act as if she is an angry and dis-satisfied customer (“..what do you mean I don’t have a room? I don’t want your discounts, money is not a the issue, just give me a room!!”). You need to convince the customer and use your interpersonal skills to calm the customer and focus on your influential and empathetic skills. 


So who gets eliminated after this round?  
- Those who apologise too frequently.
- Those who are over-powering and not letting others express their views. 
- Those with little or no team interaction.
- Those not expressing their ideas clearly.


ALWAYS work collaboratively as a team. Remember the goal - customer comes first, ALWAYS!


Emirates English test. This is a long test with several stages. There are two short stories to read through and answer five questions for each story. This objective is to test your verbal comprehension abilities that are used daily in in-flight management. You may also have a short essay writing test on a selected topic. Then further elimination.

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Prepare well for the Assessment day and the group exercises

Prepare well for the Assessment day and the group exercises