What to expect at the First Stage of the Emirates Assessment Day

You are split into groups. Each group will be given a card and each card may have an object (e.g box, tooth-brush, umbrella etc). You are asked to think of 3 uses of the item outside its day to day normal use. Then each one will take turns to present your ideas to the rest of group. 

At the next round, another card was given, an example would be say a city/country/destination (e.g Paris, London, Japan etc). You are asked to talk about the city, places of interest, weather, food, local delights etc. Then present your ideas to the group and the recruiter.

Please note that the cards could contain anything so please treat this purely as examples and not as an end-all. So please don't say, I got something different. Just use this as an example to know what they are after. 

The recruiters are using these two simple tests to evaluate your interaction, interpersonal / soft skills. How you present your ideas, how you share your opinions, your team collaboration, your spoken English and the way you articulate your ideas. 

While you’re organizing your ideas with your group, the recruiter is making observations, taking notes and reaching decisions on who stays and who goes after this round. 

They are not looking for leaders so don't try to be one! Don’t be shy but try not to do too much talking, let everyone speak and express their ideas as well.

When presenting your ideas don’t look at the recruiter alone, focus and ensure your eyes are directed to the rest of the group. 

Present your ideas in a succinct manner… and there are no right and wrong answers. To pass this round, you need to demonstrate logical thinking, answer the full question, think outside the box, clarity, not over-chatty, not overly quiet, understood by others and good fluency of the English language.

There is a second stage to the Group test, to do with over-booking and prioritisation and I will cover that next week.

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Prepare well for the Assessment day and collaborate as a team

Prepare well for the Assessment day and collaborate as a team