What are they looking for?

The online questionnaire is intended to discover the kind of person you really are. They are aware that you wouldn't admit certain things to the recruiters at your final interview, so these questions are designed to expose how you truly behave and what motivates you.

A good test will be set up to pick up on any inconsistencies and make it difficult for you to put on an act – there is a built-in "lie scale". You will find the same questions being asked three or four times in slightly different ways.

There are no right or wrong answers. True only up to a point. Emirates would have set a range of scores they are looking to achieve and the golden calls will be awarded to the applicants with scores in that category. 

A final interview on its own is actually a poor indicator of how good you will be at representing their professionalism and vision if employed by Emirates. This is why they love Psychometric tests as it catches applicants unaware. Regrettably, applicants are unaware that this Psychometric test could cost them their dream job!

The scores will be looked at in conjunction with your scores given by your recruiter at the final interview. Those awarded the GCs early are often the ones who have done well in both! For employers, these are their most favoured candidates and they wlll act quickly to make their offers before their rival airlines do!

You may tell them at your Hirevue final interview that you can cope with demanding work schedules and you are a positive team player who shows initiative to help others etc. However, if the results of your psychometric test reveals differently, then we have a red flag. In statistics, this would mean there is no correlation between what you say and who you really are. If the correlation is totally lacking, you will be given the dreaded unsuccessful mail. Those who continue waiting or sometimes placed on hold means they are often border line and some subjective decision would need to be made by the recruitment panel. This could take a month or longer.

In terms of time lines, there is no link or correlation between the dates you had your FI, and when you actually receive the GC from them. 

You may have passed the CV selection, maximised keywords for the online ATS, done well in the assessment tests and even aced the final interview! However, you simply cannot prepare for the Psychometric test, and this may count towards you not getting the golden call.

While other elements of the recruitment process will be taken into account, you should know that Emirates are looking for particular results in the test which will resemble the type of person they want, and will reject candidates who don't fit the bill. You won't have failed the test as such, but you won't get the job.

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The Emirates Psychometric Test - What are they looking for?

The Emirates Psychometric Test - What are they looking for?