These are some tips which you might find helpful if you are planning on attending the Open Day in the coming weeks.

Before you even apply for this job, take time and ensure your CV looks neat and presentable, and match your experience to the skills they require. Your work experience should include bullet points of your day to day work that matches what Emirates are looking for.

Take a well-exposed full length and head and shoulders photograph - always in daylight. Do not take indoors or use flash. Natural diffused daylight produce best results even on camera phones. Dress professionally and follow the rules given by Emirates using their photo guidelines.

On the Open day, it's make or break for you. Be there way before the open day starts, you do not want to be late for the Open Day.

- Get a good night's sleep the day before; don't go out partying because you will not look fresh in the morning.

- Get up early and take your time to make yourself pretty.

- Don't "overdo" your makeup ladies!! Emirates is looking for women who can look beautiful naturally.

- 2 weeks before the open day, start hunting for a nice business outfit. You want to look professional. Ladies: Go for a pencil skirt (make sure it covers or touches your knees). Colour should always be black or navy blue. Get a long sleeve suit jacket that matches your skirt. Wear a white button-up blouse and skin colour stockings with a SLIGHT heel. You do not want to you wear your highest stiletto's that you love wearing out on a date or to some club.

- Hair: Up is best unless you have short hair. Choose to either wear your hair in a slick pony tail or nice ballerina style bun.

- Makeup: Less is more. The only thing you can apply without worry is Dark Red lipstick, this is what will get you noticed by the Emirates recruiters.

On the Open day, remember that you are there to try get in with one of the biggest airlines in the world. Therefore, switch the mobile phones "OFF". Forget about your phone and "whats-apping" for the day - you can chat to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, dates, virtual friends once you're done. This is an important day and you don't want to be a slave to your phone.

Take some lunch and water because it might be a long day. There can be 400 to 1,000 candidates just like you!

Remember to take your CV and photographs with you.

Last but not least, remember to SMILE, that's what will get you in, even if your CV is just average.

Also, try mingling with the other girls, don't stand on your own and be shy. Do get out of your shell and make it happen. If you can do that, you will get the job you deserve and see your name shortlisted / highlighted for the Assessment Day which can be that same afternoon or next day. Remember recruiters are continually observing you and making notes so don't ever look bored or yawn.

Please include your comments below.

If you need help with your CV, send your CV to us today and we will return with a few lines of advice for you.