How do you answer the interview Q - Tell me what you know about Emirates Airline?

To some of you out there, the temptation of going to the Emirates website and finding out more about the CEO, the number of destinations, the aircraft fleet, the new aircraft delivered this year and the charity events it has hosted in the year to date is what they think they need to know to answer this interview question.

Is it really? Is that what the recruiter wants to hear? If she does, why does she not look it up on the website herself. Or was it to test you to see if you have read the Emirates website.

Both the above will not answer the question she asked. Think again for a moment. Tell me “WHAT YOU KNOW” about Emirates Airline? It isn’t tell me the facts about Emirates Airline.

To me the question wants to find out what I know about Emirates airline, so I treat this more of a personal question based on my very "own knowledge and experience". So I would start by saying from the moment I step into the aircraft, I can't help but notice the crew are from different countries, a truly international team, warm and approachable, and I truly experience this world class service from start to finish. It makes flying enjoyable knowing that Emirates places so much on safety and comfort of its passengers. The product offering in terms of choice of food and entertainment, punctuality, cleanliness and the new aircraft I am on, is again world class. I can tell this is indeed an airline that innovates in its product offering, invests in its employees through intensive training, and has a forward looking vision of what the customer wants through continuous research and implementation.

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