Cabin Crew Open Day - Birthmarks, scars and acne - Can you get away with it?

Birthmarks, scars and acne

If you have visible birthmarks or scars, this will be assessed by the recruiters based on its position, size and appearance, and whether it is acceptable to them or not. It can be a subjective decision. If the birthmark or scar is small and less obvious, the higher are the chances that it will be acceptable. 

For acne, please note that you are not expected to have perfect skin. All cabin crew do from time to time have visible acne. For applicants attending the open day, it depends on how severe the acne is, the extent and size of it will form part of their consideration. There are some very good products out there in the market today to help you cover up acne marks so you should be able to easily conceal them. However, If you feel that your acne is actually quite bad, you should seek treatment and allow some time for it to heal before you attend an open day. 

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Can you get away with birthmarks, scars and acne?