I have finished my Emirates Final Interview but how long do I have to wait before I receive the Golden Call aka GC or unsuccessful mail aka UM?

After the Emirates final interview is over, many applicants experience what can only be described as a long waiting period to the golden call. This often causes stress and anxiety with most applicants checking their status at the Emirates recruitment portal every few hours.

There are a variety of factors that determine varying periods of waiting after the Final Interview, and some may involve one or more of these factors listed below:

1. Uncertainty about the individual concerned and needs a further panel decision to offer or reject.

2. Your nationality is not needed at the moment but likely in a few months time.

3. Training spaces are not available yet.

4. Training spaces are always allocated to a mix of nationalities and there is a surplus of your nationality so it means waiting.

5. Those that are marked as border line, the recruiters and HR would prefer to see the results of upcoming / pending final interviews and see if they are able to source better candidates before accepting or rejecting your case.

Nothing at all to do with your recruiter being super busy, your recruiter is on holiday or your file is put away when others in your batch have all received either UM or GC and yours is still outstanding.

You may if you wish send a courtesy reminder to your recruiter but I do suggest you wait till after your 8th week after the final interview.

We hope you do not have to wait too long and wish you best of luck.

If you need further help and advice please add your comments below.

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