The Cabin Crew interview - Difficult and Tricky Questions

Preparing for a cabin crew interview means being ready to answer the questions that almost every airline recruiter asks – but it also means anticipating more challenging and some difficult questions. Some are trick questions and others are designed to put you on the spot to see how you react. Then, there are those that don't have a right or wrong answer; these questions are intended to show how you think. With those, how you respond is as important as what you say when you answer.

Do you know how to answer those difficult questions such as give me two examples of your greatest weaknesses that I should be aware of?  You have to be careful what weakness you choose and how you overcame it. NEVER say you have no weaknesses at all, example, 'I don't have any'.  Your airline recruiter wants to know if you have learned from your mistakes.  You should also never say that you are a perfectionist as that itself is a significant weakness without a successful remedy.  Another difficult question is 'What do most of your colleagues often criticise about you?"  The best way to answer these questions is to be honest and positive, forward thinking and focused on solutions, then describe the positive steps you have done to improve yourself.  Other personality and behavioural questions one of our candidates received was 'what was the worst thing that you have gotten away with and tell me a time when your boss is wrong?' These are questions asked to see if your future cabin crew purser will have difficulty managing you and to view if you have had bad working relationships with your current managers.  Again, don't say it's never happened to me. Your answers, if not properly planned and rehearsed could be negative. In short, interviews are getting more difficult to weed out the low performers.  With several hundred people attending the recruitment event or assessment day, these difficult and tricky questions are now used regularly by cabin crew recruiters to weed out bad candidates after the first round. 

We prepare you for your flight attendant interviews with Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and all international airlines.  We coach you to be more confident, give you tips on how to answer difficult and tricky questions, role play, provide you feedback on how you perform and how to improve.  Don't miss out on your dream job all because of poor interview techniques. We teach you how to maintain a steady pace when answering interview questions, maintain eye contact and have the right body language. It is just as important to pause for thought and reflect before answering follow-up questions from the recruiter.  We also coach you on what to say and more importantly what not to say. At the end of the session you receive a TIP sheet which is tailored to your own circumstances. Finally, we also give you valuable tips and advice on the Cabin Crew Psychometric test.  Without a proper strategy, you could fail the Psychometric test and not be offered the job. 

You often hear of candidates trying more than 6 attempts to get an offer for the cabin crew role.  9 out of 10 times is due to poor interview techniques and lack of preparation.  Presentation and soft selling skills are most definitely needed to ace the cabin crew interview.  Our 1 hour personal development training done over FaceTime or Skype will help you ace that cabin crew interview and start flying sooner than you ever thought possible.

Going for an interview require lots of preparation. Know your CV inside out as 50% of the questions asked will be based on your CV.

Going for an interview require lots of preparation. Know your CV inside out as 50% of the questions asked will be based on your CV.


Our CV review and update service plus one on one interview coaching is now extended to all airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.