How to present a cabin crew application CV that gets you noticed

The CV is your sales document.  Think of it as your very own glossy marketing brochure that makes someone, in this instance an airline recruiter, find out more information about the unique product - you!  Just as company prepare brochures, they must be unique to you to stand out from the competition.  

CVs must be tailored to different roles, even airlines who recruit cabin crew have different perspectives on the nuances of the role. Understanding each airline's job description is key to success.  You must always have a range of CVs tailored to different cabin crew roles for different airlines.

Get it right at first attempt. As a recruiter myself, I do not spend more than  15 seconds reading CVs, and it either goes in the bin or in a separate pile for further reading. This is why first impression counts.  Your CV must not go on for longer than 2 pages.  It should contain relevant information and highlight clearly your transferable skills.  If I can't see what I am looking for, I would move on to the next, and so on.

Is it true that computer software is used by HR to review 'key words'?  Well, this itself has it's drawbacks.   Most of us don't rely on HR software alone as there are candidates out there who use lots of keywords but offer no valuable insight into their experience or achievements.  

Profile or a short personal statement about you at the top of the CV helps me to understand who you are quickly.  If interesting, I will then spend more time reading the rest of your CV.  Now, don't just insert all the keywords here such as, I am a good team player, I work well on my own initiative, I am an excellent hardworking person and manage time well and always helpful.  There is nothing wrong with that statement but there is no evidence produced and I come across those statements in nearly all of the CVs.  There is nothing unique about you as hundreds of people say that on their CV too!  It does not showcase your main talents with evidence that you are good.  I really want to see your outstanding achievements highlighted.  

With your career history, remember, less is more and don't include detailed procedures about your jobs.  It's your unique achievements that the recruiter is after.

Finally, check your CV for spelling and grammatical errors.  When using font, please use the standard Times New Roman font in size 11 or 12.  Recruiters do not waste their time if the CV has spelling, grammatical errors or wacky fonts or fancy artwork.  Adding a photo will also count against you.  Keep it business like and you will stand a good chance to get to the assessment day or interview. 

And finally, if you need help to draft a professional CV, please get in touch.  I am happy to work with you to get the best professional CV for you.


Remember that a short profile or personal statement about you at the top of the CV gives you an added impact. 


Our CV review and update service plus one-on-one interview coaching is extended to all airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic