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What is Dubai like? For those new to this global city of east meets west, take a look at the city, the lifestyle, culture, food and living.

Dubai, the east meets west city that is centrally located around the world and it is no more than 8 hours to 75% of the world’s most popular cities.

Visit the Dubai museum, take a citytrip, take a boat trip to enjoy the Dubai skyline, shop at one of the malls, visit the most relaxing beaches or go on an adventure in the desert. We show you the culture, lifestyle, food, shopping, museum and history.

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Met two recruiters at the Open Day, one nice and friendly, the other stressed me up completely!

Two recruiters at the Open Day using “good cop-bad cop” style of recruitment. Beware! We show you how to deal with this situation.

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Even more open days as Emirates steps up their worldwide recruitment drive

Joining Emirates international cabin crew and experiencing the world as part of your career is their new cabin crew recruitment theme.  Emirates have today announced a significant number of open days around the world. Upcoming events will include UAE, Morocco, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Poland and South Africa.

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Dubai - A nice introduction for those who are about to make this city their second home

Dubai, the city that has risen from the desert sands has become the ultimate luxury holiday destination.

This video is a great intro for our clients who are about to join Emirates and designate this spectacular city as their second home.  The video shows there is something for everyone.

For those planning Dubai as a holiday destination, it is a great sneak preview to the city life there.

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The new automated recruitment system used by airlines

How to get shortlisted and get invited to the assessment day.  Learn how the initial selection process works. We show you how scoring works on an automated recruitment system.  

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