Met two recruiters at the Open Day, one nice and friendly, the other stressed me up completely!

Ever attended an Open Day held by Emirates or Qatar where you came across two recruiters, one was so warm, nice and friendly whist the other recruiter was the not-so-nice one and you felt stressed?

This is what we call the the "good cop bad cop" interviewing approach.  The main objective is to never let both recruiters see that you feel stressed or to let it upset you.

Please never be fooled.  The nice recruiter is no more your friend than the not-so-nice recruiter.  Never be tricked into becoming nice and friendly to the nice recruiter and showing you feel irritable towards the mean recruiter.

Stay cool, maintain your professionalism and answer each of their questions confidently, regardless of how they treat you with their comments or questions.  Never allow yourself to become heated or argumentative with the not so nice recruiter ("bad cop") and don't fall into a false sense of security by revealing too much of yourself to the good recruiter ("good cop").

Be aware that both recruiters are not your friends.  They are there to evaluate you for the cabin crew role and whether you are able to fit under pressure in their international team.  They use the "good cop, bad cop" interview strategy as they know it works so well. 

Let us take a look at a typical example that can happen.  The "good cop" recruiter asks you questions that make you open up as though you were meeting an old friend. The "bad cop" recruiter notices your current role as an accountant and starts picking on that role by saying "oh you look like an accountant..." or "accountants are often seen as dull and boring people...".   They are testing to see that you can handle situations brought about by stressful remarks.  We all know that with cabin crew roles, stressful situations can arise through teams or by passengers.  They want to know you can handle it well, calm and confidently.  So, my advice is play the game well and look at both recruiters in their eyes, and answer their questions in a professional and calm manner.

NEVER FORGET you are there in an interview and they are not your friends. Prove to them you are able to handle stress and challenges confidently and calmly with a smile.  If they sense you feel stressed when answering the questions from the bad cop, you will not get the job offer as you have shown that you are unable to handle stress brought about by the "mean and unkind recruiter".

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Take our advice on how to handle the good recruiter / bad recruiter scenario at the Open Day.

Take our advice on how to handle the good recruiter / bad recruiter scenario at the Open Day.