How to include teamwork in your CV

Emirates and Qatar cabin crew recruiters look for teamwork on your CV. So how should you show this?

What are the main criteria for good teamwork in most organisations?

  1. Regular team meetings with the team leader and other team members.

  2. Open communication is vital for all members. Team members must feel free to contribute, express their thoughts, views and make suggestions.

  3. The team understands their goals and commitments. Clear expectations from the team, assigned responsibilities, accountabilities and expected outcomes.

  4. Respect different viewpoints.

  5. Members make decisions collectively and the team leader will have the final say.

  6. Communication in the team is key to success.

  7. Team members must operate on trust and team members must be allowed to disagree with reasons. Overall, they are expected to contribute to solutions. The team leader encourages new ideas, Innovation and different viewpoints.

  8. The team leader must be well trusted by the team members as their team leader. The team leader is there to support good views presented by team members and back them up by speaking up for them.

  9. In a good team, the team leader offers unconditional support when a good point is raised by a team member.

  10. Team relationships must be strong. Team leaders often use consensus and collaboration when discussing plans and goals. Working together does produce better results. Bonding by contributing and collaborating encourages team members to be supportive of each other.

When preparing your CV and also at interviews on open day, be prepared to discuss how this form of teamwork is used at your current workplace.

During the assessment day, recruiters often use team exercises using objects and scenarios to see how individuals perform the bonding and motivate each other to work together and reach consensus.

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Teamwork, collaboration, collective decision making, support from team leader, consensus, respect, open, honest, trust and confidence are all keywords to be used when discussing teamwork on your CV.