What to bring with you on the Open Day and how important is the photo and the CV?

For those preparing for the Open Day, please remember to arrive early.  Remember to bring along one photo (it can be full length or a passport photo).  Remember that as this photo creates your first impression with the recruiter and the recruiting panel back at Head Office, it is important to give them your very best photo.  

You are also required to present to them a copy of your updated CV.  Please ensure your latest job and work experience is highlighted on the first page of your CV.  Always focus on your current role and state the relevance of your customer services skills in relation to these points:
- how you often go out to exceed customers' expectations,
- educate and influence customers on your company's product offerings,
- build relationships and interact with customers by understanding their needs, suggesting solutions and encouraging them to provide feedback to ensure their needs are fulfilled,
- team interaction to plan, organise, have a friendly nature, help others and work within timescales allowed.
- with customer service recovery, show how you demonstrate empathy with conflicts and negative feedback from customers turning them into positive outcomes.
- show you are there to represent the company, you demonstrate visionary leadership skills when interacting with team and customers, aligned to the company's future business and growth plans.  Remember a visionary leader always has good communication skills and are well organised and plan ahead.
- show you have empathetic skills - awareness of others' feelings, needs and concerns.  Show an instance where you as an individual understand what others are experiencing as if it were you in their shoes.
- show you have progressive skills and have used it in your current role, have the power to influence others, influence performance, build an effective team, and most of all manage yourself well.
- Cosmopolitan - this means we need to show them you have a global mindset.  As we deal with international clients and with global growth, if you can demonstrate this one skill, you will most definitely have a competitive advantage which is critical for success in business and success as a leader.  According to Global Mindset Index Study, this means "the ability to recognise and reflexively adjust to cultural signals so that your effectiveness is not compromised when dealing with people from different backgrounds"

Don't just copy the above as it will not get you anywhere.  You have to link the above bullet points to your last work experience and achievements.  When we review and create CVs for wannabes, we ensure we map these pointers to their own achievements to draw the attention of the recruiters.  Creating a CV that stands out isn't easy but trust me, it is worth every effort if you want to get your dream job.  Remember never to exceed 2 pages!  Ensure you use a business style approach - no borders or colours, just text only with headings in bold typeface.

Dress Code: What to wear for the Open Day

  • Ladies-must be in knee-length skirt (suit) or dress with skin colored stocking. Men- Suit & tie.
  • Hair - Ladies - Wear your hair as a hair bun or french twist. I suggest not going with hair loose, as it is easier for your recruiters to visualise if your facial features and profile fits-in with the crew image.  Men - Please shave all facial hair, no beards or moustache. 
  • Nails must be polished
  • Ladies - try to use red lipstick.  You really need to impress and look like cabin crew.

    If you require additional guidance or a quick review of your photo and CV, send them to us using the button here.  State the subject title: "QUICK REVIEW OD"

A good photo and good CV are key essentials. 
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