"Why do you want to be a Cabin Crew?"

Let's face it.  When you are at the CV drop first thing that morning, you are more than likely to be asked by the recruiter "Why do you want to be a cabin crew?"

It looks like an easy question that everyone thinks they can answer with their eyes close but is it really that easy?  The truth of it is so many wannabes get sent home after they answer this question.  They have answered it badly and ruined their chances of getting any further down the line.

So let's take a look at the typical answers that half the applicants will give:

"It's my dream job, and I wanted to be a cabin crew ever since I was a child" OR
"It's my passion to travel around the world and meet new cultures."  OR
"I love the layovers at the top 5 star hotels and get to visit all the sights".

Those answers could mean you get sent home after that initial round.  And for those that do not get that question at the early stages, rest assured they will ask you at your final interview.  So you can't expect to run away from it.  Answer it in that same manner (above) and you will kiss goodbye to your hopes of being a cabin crew.

This is a behavioural question and it is a difficult one to answer without first spending time to reflect on it. So how should you answer this question?  

You need to answer the question in line with your key skills match them to the skills of the person they are looking to hire. Remember there are small differences between Emirates and Qatar job descriptions so you have to refine them accordingly.

"I enjoy customer services very much and in my current role I put the customer in the heart of everything I do so becoming a cabin crew would be a natural career move for me".  It can be challenging with the diversity of passengers but as I love helping people I feel positive and confident about it."

"In my current job, I am always finding ways to exceed my customers' expectations realising that even a small difference goes a long way, and I love doing it as it comes naturally to me so being a cabin crew is a positive career move for me."

"I love working in teams to deliver customer services.  In my present job, we work in teams helping each other, and keeping each other well informed. This form of working as ONE team and good collaboration is what I am after so being a cabin crew team member really excites me.  It is hard work to deliver exceptional customer service but it's worth all the effort, and I truly love it!"

No matter how you answer, the recruiters are looking to see that your answer is genuine and your aspirations of wanting to help people comes across in a friendly, confident and positive manner.  

At our one-on-one interview sessions, we train you to answer these questions using your own CV and skill set so the answers are unique to you, so they always make an impression on the recruiters.  Many coached by us have been successful and are now working as cabin crew with Emirates and Qatar.  To find out more, send your CV to us with the title "Interested in coaching sessions", and we will get in touch with you.


To be successful at the recruitment process:
1. Prepare your own answers to difficult interview questions.
2.  Attend one of our coaching sessions to focus on your presentation skills.