Does your CV need a photograph and how long should a CV be?

Does my CV need a photograph on the right hand side?

Attaching a photo to the CV is not a requirement in business CVs. Having a photograph will only distract the recruiter from looking at the content on your CV. With just 6 seconds or less to scan your CV content for the desired requirements, it will not be advantageous for you! Besides both Emirates and Qatar Open Day require that you submit a business CV. If a job position requires a CV photo, employers will always state this in the list of requirements for the Open Day. The fact that they tell you to bring a full length and a passport photograph separately means they do not wish to see the photograph on the actual CV itself. As you are aware, following instructions is one of the key requirements for cabin crew, and you want a good start to the recruitment process.

How long should a CV be?

CVs should not be any longer than 2 pages. A 1 page CV is often too short which is why it is called a resume which means a summarised brief CV. Both Emirates and Qatar have asked for CVs not resumes, so that clearly tells you that they are not after a summary CV.

Unless you are a school leaver, highlight your relevant professional experience and key transferable skills and achievements on the first page (which draws attention!), and your education details at the end of Page 2.

Do not use coloured borders or fancy fonts as they will distract the attention of the recruiters. Remember your content is king, so this is where you get scored! In less than 6 seconds, your CV is either placed on the ‘successful pile’ or gets rejected and sent to the ‘bin pile’. Those in the bin pile whose names will be called are then sent home after the first round.

Please do not prepare a CV with too much information. It is the case of too little or too much are both bad for your CV. When designing your CV, ensure that the relevant details and your transferable skills are well presented. Too many details especially technical details that are not relevant to the cabin crew role should be removed. They are not looking for your technical details that are specific to your current role.

Do my Photographs for the Qatar Open Day need to be with jacket?

I sense there is some confusion here as some applicants think that Qatar requires a short sleeve white blouse (for ladies) on a light blue background. This is only for those that have passed their Final Interview, and were given guidelines for “Additional Photos” with very complex dimensions, to be taken and submitted to them within a week.

For those attending the Qatar Airways cabin crew Open Day, Qatar have clearly stated on their website that the photos must be in the same formal business attire as how you are expected to be dressed when attending their Open Day. They have stated “FORMAL BUSINESS ATTIRE”. So a reminder here not to follow the Rules given to those that have passed the Final Interview, the photo requirements are indeed different. Just to clarify that a short sleeve blouse is not considered as formal business attire.

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