How does HireVue digital interviews really work and what it reveals to the airline recruiter

Now that Emirates have reopened their online recruitment processes for full time hires for cabin crew, many wannabes are feeling a little nervous as they expected the airline to first handle the 2016 'on-hold' candidates.  It looks like they have not been able to meet their quota based on the small holding pool, most of whom gave up waiting and left for other jobs while others did not perform well as they just did not take it seriously. For the candidate, it means good preparation will mean success.  Overall, it is a fairer system but the candidate has to know that it is less forgiving than a face to face interview.

For those of you out there that are unfamiliar with this new style of screening candidates, HireVue digital interviews do not involve you speaking to an actual human being.  The HireVue process is fully automated in which you interact with your webcam and the system records your answers to preset questions.  According to HireVue, their complex algorithm assesses your interview in 15,000 different dimensions.  This includes body language, dressed appropriately, speech patterns, background noise, nerves, blinking, not focused, and works out a score even before the panel of recruiters start watching it.

Airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines have used HireVue now for somewhile, and we know the questions they ask are focused on behavioural questions relating to the cabin crew role.  You can expect three to four questions at the HireVue digital interview.  You will get thirty seconds to prepare each answer and two or three minutes to speak to your camera.  There are no second chances.  So, if you feel uncomfortable, that goes against you and you will not score highly based on the HireVue algorithm.  The whole thing is over in less than 10 minutes.  If you are successful, you should hear back from the airline within 2 weeks.

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Prepare well for success. The way HireVue assesses candidates is more stringent than speaking to an actual human being.