Even more open days as Emirates steps up their worldwide recruitment drive

Joining Emirates international cabin crew and experiencing the world as part of your career is their new theme.  They have today announced a significant number of open days around the world.  This is a large scale cabin crew recruitment by Emirates.  


UAE Open Day 13 and 28 April at Al Yazi Auditorium, Emirates Aviation College.
London Open day - 28 April at Radisson Blu
Manchester Open Day - 21 April
Rome Open Day - 21 April
Dublin Open Day - 26 April
Prague - 28 April
Hamburg Open Day - 21 April
Berlin Open Day - 28 April
Warsaw - 28 April
Cape Town - Assessment Day only

All candidates are required to bring along an updated CV and 1 photograph.  

To ensure you stand a good chance of getting selected, send your CV and photo to us for a review and refresh.  Prices start from just GBP£10 for image editing to a white background.  A full CV review and rewrite to Emirates requirements is GBP£35.