Slower pace of recruitment at Emirates will be their new 2018 business model

According to HH Shikh Ahmed bin Said Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline said:  "In the past six months, the Group’s employee base reduced by 3% compared to 31 March 2017, from an overall staff count of 105,746 to 102,669. This was largely a result of natural attrition together with a slower pace of recruitment, as various parts of the business adopted new technologies, streamlined business processes and re-allocated resources.  The slower pace of recruitment will continue in 2018 as we still face tough trading conditions, including pressure on margins, rising oil prices and uncertain political realities".

We learn that maximising efficiency in technologies, tighter internal procedures alongside utilising full capacity of existing staff (you may hear from your friends who are existing crew that they are working longer hours but rest assured the hours worked including rest periods are within aviation regulatory limits), all of these help greatly in keeping costs down while at the same time enabling the business to grow by investing in new aircraft and attracting new revenue streams.  Emirates will adhere to this new efficiency business model as the company moves forward to 2018 says Sheikh Ahmed bin Said Al Maktoum.

Companies who adopt this model of 'slow pace recruitment' require no official date so please ignore rumours like it will be the end of April, June, September or even December 2018! No, no, no!   This model has been used by international companies all the time when they are in a 'cost cutting' mode, and they will turn on and off the recruitment "tap" as and when they need staff including cabin crew.  So forget about official dates, there will be none!  

We can of course expect from the above statement to see modest levels of cabin crew recruitment in 2018 and at ad-hoc intervals, totally random!  We know competition will be fierce when the portal re-opens so our best advice to all wannabes is to get your CV and application photos ready before you embark on your Christmas holiday.  Remember these are your most important documents, they must stand out from your fellow peers if you want to achieve your dream and work for Emirates Airline in 2018.  Contact us today for more information on how we can help.