How would you structure the points in the work experience of your CV?

We have a school teacher who is now considering a career change and is keen to apply for a position as a Qatar cabin crew.

We are aware of Qatar’s cabin crew job description, and have four points here that she needs to include on her CV. This is what we term “mapping” exercise which is the process of looking at Qatar’s job description and then mapping to her transferable skills.

  1. Customer Service - We are aware that Customer Service is one of the top qualities of being a Qatar cabin crew. We know we need to get a little creative to demonstrate that even as a teacher she is well capable of delivering exceptional customer service to every customer, every time. In teaching, students are our customers.

    This is what we advise her to say on her CV:
    She oversees the class and ensures that all students are developing well, an integral part of classroom behavioural management

  2. Team Collaboration - At 35,000 feet, other cabin crew / colleagues need to trust you to work effectively in a team to provide an exceptional experience for the passengers and to ensure safety of the aircraft and everyone on board.

    This is what we advise her to say on her CV:
    Working as a team with fellow teaching colleagues to plan and co-ordinate work. Maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment for all students by ensuring all health and safety regulations are followed through.

  3. Communication Skills - We know that working in an international team with passengers from across the world, we need to communicate clearly and effectively.

    This is our advice:
    During classroom sessions, she engages with students of all abilities encouraging them to participate in team activities.
    Showing empathy, understanding and respect to students who may be slower in learning or have learning difficulties by providing catch-up sessions.

    This is the style we would advise to ensure your CV is fresh and impeccable, and very likely to attract the recruiters attention.

  4. Exceptional Service that exceeds expectations

    Our advice here is for her to list two achievements:
    - Boosted the exam results by 25% for her subject paper since she took on the role. This also exceeds the national school average.
    - She improved the engagement of students, and has received positive feedback from parents on progressive development of students. Higher rates of student progression from term to term.

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