Common CV issues that may prevent you from being shortlisted

When reviewing CVs from would-be cabin crew applicants, I came across some fatal mistakes. Please do your best to avoid these mistakes to ensure you do not get sent home after the first round.

1. You are far too focused on job duties

I came across lots of CVs with a list of job procedures, yes a boring list of duties and responsibilities. So if you are a waitress, please avoid saying, I meet guests, show them to their tables, take their orders, tell them about menu specials, check if they are enjoying their service and at the end of each evening check and reconcile the cash takings. These are boring procedures that all waitresses do but says nothing special about you.

It does not answer the question how did you perform this job better than your colleagues or others who have the same job title.

You did not mention what problems and challenges you faced, what you did to overcome them, the outcome and what you learnt from it.

2. A Career Objective statement or Skills

This statement is so cliche and overused. Almost everyone has the same content in this section such as I am looking for a challenging role that enables me to grow and learn etc. This is a waste of space and time.

With Skills, this gets even worse as applicants just state I am a team player, have good communication skills, have multi-cultural experience, hardworking with polite and courteous customer services. Why do you say this? It does not mean anything as the recruiter is after the evidence? Remember make a CV unique to you. If you are good team player, demonstrate it with a line or two.

3. Resume is just one page with colour borders, lots of columns and different sized fonts.

NEVER squeeze your experience and achievements onto one page, this is the greatest mistake you have made. You have read that resumes shouldn’t be longer than a page somewhere on google and recruiters have no time to read them. Both are wrong. A resume cramped onto a page is by far more difficult to read as there are often three or four columns and the information is everywhere. When preparing your CV, ask yourself if what you write will land you the interview. This is your selling document so ensure it includes items that make you different from the competition. Two pages is the norm. Please take out the colour borders and only use Arial or Times new Roman Font in size 10 or 11.

4. Do not list irrelevant information

Leave out things in your jobs that are not important for the cabin crew role.

5. Using keywords without sufficient evidence

Sprinkling keywords is a good thing but remember it has to be evidenced based. So for the Emirates cabin crew role, do not state I am a visionary, professional, progressive, empathetic, cosmopolitan and culturally aware. Use keywords such as these in your CV but spread it around with a line or two of evidence that shows you truly have these qualities!

6. Typos and grammatical errors

This is totally unforgiving, so ensure you check it again and again before you hand this in at the Open day or online.

And finally,

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