Visible scars, moles and tattoos

At the time when you are doing your reach test, your recruiter is likely to ask you about any visible tattoos, moles or scaring on your legs, neck, face or arms.

The keyword here is “visible” so this means you have to declare scars even if they are only lightly visible. Some of you may ask if it needs to be disclosed if you are able to cover it up with concealer or foundation. The answer is yes you do. If you don’t, and the marks are subsequently discovered when you are in their employment, you may be dismissed and have to fund your own one way ticket home. The advice here is never lie about any tattoos, marks or scars. If discovered in Dubai or Doha, that will be the end of your career.

If you have a tattoo or scar on your wrist that can be covered up with a. watch, it still has to be disclosed.

With tattoos it is definitely zero tolerance. There may be a few exceptions with light scars but not always. It is best not to raise your hopes here even you may have come across or seen a crew with a light scar. In short, the airlines are very strict. Do your part by disclosing them.

You can of course get your tattoo or previous operation scar removed, but please be aware that depending on your own skin type, it could cause other forms of scarring.

With Qatar, you have to disclose scars, tattoos on your body even if they are not visible when wearing their uniform. No tattoos are allowed regardless of where they are located.

Some airline recruiters ask you to fill out a form where you mention if you have any birthmarks or tattoos, and where exactly are they positioned on the body. They often ask for additional close-up photos after the interview.

If you decide not to declare a tattoo to the recruiters, please be aware it will be revealed during the medical test that every cabin crew must undertake at the airline’s medical clinic. In this case, your employment contract ceases immediately.

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