The importance of your Covering letter and CV

Airlines like Emirates and Qatar receive thousands of CVs online and at the open day, the numbers attending could stretch to more than a thousand at the bigger cities.

It is also a fact that many applicants get sent home after the first few elimination rounds. It is important to ensure you stand out from the competition. In short, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Covering letters are a great way to show how well motivated you are about the Emirates or Qatar cabin crew role and gives you a good opportunity to show them why you are the right person for the role. This is your chance to make that impression so go for it!

When writing a cabin crew cover letter, please take the following into account:

Tell them “WHY YOU” - Re-summarise the relevant skills and experience that you have in terms of your transferable skills.

Make it COMPELLING - Remember to tailor your covering letter to the specific role. This means if you are applying for both Emirates and Qatar, your covering letter will have subtle differences.

Show how you can ADD VALUE - Use your experience in your most recent role, and show them how you are able to add value to Emirates or Qatar.

GRAMMAR & SPELLING - Ensure you ask a friend or a member of your family to proof read your covering letter. Any grammatical or spelling errors will not be forgiven and will be rejected by the system or recruiters at the Open Day.

Give your CV a facelift. Don’t just update your CV that is left in the drawer. Give it a big facelift. A great CV will highlight your transferable skills and experience and set you apart from the competition.

Keep your CV factual and no more than 2 pages,

Ensure your employment gaps are explained with good reasons. If you are in a job less than a year, then explain why you left. if you don’t, they think you may be fired! That then gets a rejection.

List your most recent work experience first and describe it in short sentences or bullet points,

Highlight your responsibilities, achievements and the skills you obtained at this role.

Always list your qualifications including your grades. Do include any relevant courses, like cabin crew courses attended but do leave out computer spreadsheet skills or Photoshop etc.

Always use a business type font and a sensible font size.

Finally, use spell check.

Best of luck! If you need help with your CV preparation, a review and a rewrite, take a look at our home page or contact us


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