Why your cover letter for the Emirates cabin crew position is so important?

The new Emirates cabin crew recruitment for 2018 requires that applicants submit a cover letter.  A cover letter gives you a chance to sell yourself.  Don't waste this opportunity.  You are the product.  Selling yourself well gets you your dream job.

The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself, mention the role you are applying for, match your skills and experience with the skills and experiences required by the cabin crew role.  Encourage the recruiter to read your resume and finish with a call to action, for example, look forward to meeting to explain more about your transferable skills.

A cover letter should not be more than one page and a CV should be two pages.  Please do not repeat what you mention on your CV.  

With Emirates cabin crew recruitment, some tips will be to include team working, interpersonal skills, customer services skills and being confident in handling difficult situations.  Remember to give examples.

Always explain (without bragging) why you have the right blend of skills and experience to suit the job you are applying for.

You must always include your name, email address and mobile number at the top of your cover letter.

Please remember that with the new HireVue software, your CV and cover letter are screened by the software.  The way you express yourself, your personality and good grammar will be scored by the software.

We can help with both professional CV preparation and a cover letter that complements your CV. Together they form your marketing document.  Create an impression, and achieve your dreams today.