Qatar Airways main requirement for cabin crew applicants

According to Qatar's cabin crew job description, one of the main requirements you must have is:

Outgoing personality with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a multinational team.

The look and feel of your CV / resume can influence recruiters about your conscientiousness. We found that clean CV / resume layouts and logical layouts indicate you are more conscientious, while those with different fonts or disorganised information appear to be less conscientious. 

What is conscientiousness?  Conscientiousness is a significant part of personality, it implies a desire to do a task well, and to take obligations to others seriously. Conscientious people tend to be efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly.

Showing your positive personality and attitude towards work will lead you to an invitation for their recruitment event.

The things you will need to show on your CV are:

1.  You are willing to learn - You can show examples that show you accept feedback from your peers and team supervisors, and implement changes based on their feedback - this indicates your openness.

2. Your emotional intelligence  - How confident you are on your own emotions and the emotions of others.

3. Motivational levels - Show you are open to new ideas, and your agreement to changes even if they may not be in your favour.  Show your ability to collaborate. 

4.  Temperament - Show your personality and positive attitude fit well in the team work environment.

5. Interpersonal skills covers a very wide area - show good examples of your communication and listening skills.   Show examples here that demonstrate you do listen, clarify when you do not understand, and have the ability to negotiate. Showing an example on how you interpret verbal and non-verbal (reading through body language) messages sent to you by other people, can define your relationship with them.  What you say and how you say things makes a lot of difference in how people perceive you, and it is important that this comes across in your CV.  

Negotiating - When there are team or individual disagreements or conflicts, showing your negotiating and mediating skills are very important.  Arguing doesn’t help anyone. Finding a mutually agreeable outcome on an issue is a great and a much-needed skill for the cabin crew role.

Problem solving - Instead of fretting, when a problem shows its ugly face, working with others in a multi-cultural team to identify the source and mutually resolving it.  Show an example where you have been able to work with others within a team to resolve an issue.

Assertiveness - Being able to communicate ideas, needs, opinions, and beliefs freely is looked upon as a great interpersonal skill.

Building a positive rapport with peers, supervisors, and clients enables easier communication.

It all sounds complex but a good CV creates a lasting impression with the recruiter and it makes success easier for you at the Assessment Day and final interview.  We can help by providing you with a full CV rewrite for just GBP£35.  Send us your CV and we will immediately get in touch with you.

Success begins here.  Let us help you with a professional CV that will get you noticed by the recruiters.

Success begins here.  Let us help you with a professional CV that will get you noticed by the recruiters.