Why you need a Perfect CV and Application Photos for cabin crew roles at Emirates, Qatar and Etihad

We hear very often that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, first impressions still count, and it matters even more in the cabin crew sector.  In some cases, an application gets an unsuccessful mail all because of poor application photos.  In short, you do need to make an impression to your cabin crew recruiter with your application pictures.  

Perfect application photos add a nice human touch to your CV / Resume and cover letter.  As it is the first thing the cabin crew recruiter sees before you are even shortlisted to attend the Assessment Day, you have to look the part.  They visualise how you would look if they offered you the cabin crew role to represent the airline.

Please spend time ensuring your first impression is truly convincing.  In this article, we provide you with a few tips to ensure your cabin crew application pictures will not let you down.

1. You do not need to spend money in a professional photographer's studio.  Today's iPhone and Samsung high quality digital technology is capable of taking excellent pictures provided you take the pictures in good daylight.  So we suggest you take your pictures outdoors but not in direct sunlight.

2.  Dress according to the guidelines provided to you by the airline.  Emirates, Qatar and Etihad provide very detailed guidelines of how you should dress, how you should stand and pose for the photograph.  There are strict rules for both women and men so pay attention to all the details.  If your images do not meet these rules, not only you will fail on your pictures but they will also form the view that you are not able to listen and follow instructions.  They can tell how disciplined you are in following procedures.  We all know that cabin crew have to follow very strict safety procedures when working so don't give them any room to send you an unsuccessful mail at this early stage.  Follow each instruction and pay careful attention to every detail.

3.  Ensure you have the right body posture.  When framing, ensure that the person who takes your photograph points the lens at eye level, not any higher or lower.  Failure to observe this will lead to your application pictures being rejected.  

4.  Take several full length and half length photographs.  For the full length, remember to ensure your shoes are not cropped our of the picture.  We have seen quite a few where the shoes are cropped off.

5.  Finally, send your best full length and half length photographs to us.  We will then add the white background for you and tidy up any creases on your outfits for you.  We do not retouch facial features as that is disallowed by the airline and will get you rejected.  We will also make them to the sizes required by Emirates, Qatar or Etihad.

6.  We then return the studio style (white background) pictures to your email.  You are now ready to upload your pictures.

Is the service free?  In an ideal world, we would exchange our services for a few hugs and kisses but let's face it we all need to pay for our food and rent, so the price for this professional service is GBP£10 per image.