Don't use a CV resume template if you want to increase your chances of selection

Ever cross your mind why you don't get invited for the assessment day.  There is a good chance that you are using a resume or CV based template that you copied from a free CV website or CV web builder site.  Your CV / resume will get a 5 second screening by HireVue or a recruiter and it goes in the reject pile.  Cabin crew and HR recruiters get thousands of CVs every day and if everyone uses the standard CV templates from free CV template builder sites, same old free CV samples listed on Google sites, free CV formatting sites, then there is nothing at all interesting about your CV resume.  Besides, these free CV templates are of extremely poor standards and some of these templates cannot be read by HireVue, the automated software used by Emirates Airline.

The main objective of your CV / resume is to stand out from the competition, and get selected for the interview or assessment day.  This can be a difficult task for applicants with no previous experience of a cabin crew position.  If you send them a normal CV, it is likely to get rejected by the recruiter or automated recruitment system.

Remember that no two people have the same skills and experience so why sell yourself short using a standard CV template?  Neither Emirates nor Qatar use a standard marketing template when they roll out an advertisement.  You are unique as an individual so don't sell yourself short.  

Writing a CV from scratch is of course hard work but if you are not up to it, professional help is now available. We offer a CV writing service that writes an original CV according to your skills and experience, and we do not use standard templates.  Your CV is as original and unique as your experience and personality.  Finally, we tailor your CV to the requirements of the cabin crew role even if you have no former experience of a cabin crew position.

Below: Picture of our client, Rachel Beneteau.  She passed at first attempt, and will be joining Emirates Airline cabin crew in April 2018.  We wish her all the very best in her training.


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