How to answer the question 'What interests you about this cabin crew role?

What interests you about this cabin crew role?

It really sounds like a simple question but it is actually difficult to answer well.

Do you know what Emirates Airline or QatarAirways are really looking for when they ask this question?  Firstly, they want to know why you are interested in their company.  Secondly, why you have selected on a cabin crew role when they have so many other roles on offer.  To achieve a high score, your answer must cover both areas.

The recruiter wants to know your understanding of the job and how it fits into their global company.

A strong answer has to cover:

- The most important skills they are looking for and how your experience fits in with your own aspirations and your longer term career objectives.  

- You are interested and motivated about the role.

- You are able to provide the positive commitment they require.

- Tell them what you know about Emirates or Qatar depending on which airline you are applying to.  Examples include how much you know about aviation and the job.  If you have done your homework, now is the time to demonstrate your knowledge.

- Tell them about the elements of the job that appeal to you and your reasons why.

REMEMBER - Your answers must be backed-up with suitable examples (ALWAYS)!

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Think before you provide a response.

Jot down a few points.

Then , answer the question in a methodical manner.