Tips for good CV and covering letter for those with no previous cabin crew experience

Both Emirates and Qatar receive thousands of applications daily through their online recruitment portal and at recruitment events.  It really is so important that you stand out from the crowd.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Let's first talk about covering letters.  We are convinced that covering letters represent one of the greatest opportunities for you to show to Emirates or Qatar that you are the right person for the cabin crew role.  You should also know that this is your very first online or open day introduction to the company, so it really has to be the very best.

The factors that you should take into account are:

- Always remember to quote the Job reference number.  It is given to you when you click the 'Apply now' button on the recruitment portal.

- Answer the most important question 'Why should the Emirates Airline or Qatar Airways recruit you?' Make them feel that you are the ideal and right person for the role.  Explain to them why you would want the position, your aspirations and why you feel you would be suitable for the cabin crew role.  Bring out your relevant experience and skills in your current position that are good transferable skills for the cabin crew role.

- Make your covering letter compelling to the job requirements.  Don't just use a cover letter template or free cover letter example from the internet. These free standard templates are not exciting at all, some even have mistakes on them, and will not impress your airline recruiter.  They have even seen thousands of applicants using the same template as yours.  As cabin crew, you ought to be creative and think outside the box.   My advice is to be original and unique in your cover letter and show the airline how you can add value to the cabin crew position.

- Check spelling and grammar.  Spelling and grammar errors mean your cover letter lands in the bin.  Get your best friend to review it before submission.

- A strong CV highlights your skills and experience with interesting examples that sets you apart from the competition.  

- Keep your CV to two pages.

- Ensure you account for any gaps in your CV.

- In the personal section of your CV, always include your name, address, phone numbers and email address.  Remember to use an email that you check regularly.  If the airline cannot reach you, you will not get interviewed!

- With your professional work experience, ensure you are honest about your experience.  Always highlight your responsibilities and achievements including the skills you have.  These are checked as part of their employment checks during joining formalities.  

- With your education, ensure you include qualifications and certificates obtained plus your grades.

- Tell them if you are able to speak and write other languages and your fluency in these languages.

- Highlight headings and your achievements. 

- Use business type fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial, size 12.

Finally, send your CV and cover letter over to us for a quick review.  This is completely free.  However, if your CV requires a re-write, we will let you know, and you can then order our cover letter and CV writing service.

Best of luck.