Write a Professional CV that wins interviews

Your dream career is to be a cabin crew for Emirates or Qatar.  Can you pass at first attempt?  Of course you can if you have a professional CV and good interview techniques.  It's all about marketing yourself professionally.  With the right marketing mindset, both on paper (as in a professional CV) and spending time rehearsing your proven abilities before the all important interview, that's all it takes for an airline recruiter to give you the offer.

Remember you are the product being sold to the company, and the objective of your professional CV is to communicate what you can do for them.  When writing a professional CV, don't just list down the skills, you have to have sufficient evidence to substantiate them.  

As a recruiter, I receive lots of CVs that list all the ideal skills from the internet, why?  They think the more they add, the better their chances.  Please don't say, "I am a dedicated worker with strong interpersonal skills, work effectively in a team, very kind, always with a big smile, love customer services, enjoy helping people, can cope under stressful situations, know how to prioritise and manage time efficiently".  I want to read more but where is the evidence?  With that statement, your CV goes straight into the bin and you begin to wonder why.  You have to show your real life achievements - this spells success.   

Thousands of hopefuls turn up at open days everywhere in the world, some again and again but 80% of them fail instantly with poor CVs. It's not difficult getting a career as a cabin crew but failure to take time to prepare a list of your real time achievements is a downfall for most.  Believe  me it isn't luck, it's preparation.  If you are an athlete, would you depend just on luck or rely on proper and rigorous training to prepare for the big day.  

We write professional cabin crew CVs for clients who come to us and pleased to say they get invited to the Assessment day and the final interviews at Emirates and Qatar.  Our CVs don't go beyond 2 pages, yet they are so easy on the eye with lots of white space.  It's like reading a marketing page from a designer magazine, and you now just want to see the product which is 'you'!

A well written professional CV with real life key achievements ALWAYS yield positive results! 

A well written professional CV with real life key achievements ALWAYS yield positive results!